Scrap Metal Sculptors and Artists - How We Choose Them

Metal Sculpture

In order to provide our clients the best value for their money, we choose scrap metal sculptors and artists very carefully. We work only with the most reputable artists who have proved themselves with their prior work with brand leaders such as Faraway Furniture but we do not just rely on their reputation when selecting artworks we think that may be interesting to our clients. Our collection grows sculpture by sculpture and each artwork is carefully examined before it is offered to our clients. A smaller part of our collection is always in stock but we mostly provide a photo gallery of scrap metal artworks. However, we do not sell sculptures before our clients have the opportunity to see them live. Before purchase, the sculpture is either brought to our storage or we arrange a visit at the artists.

In the selection of sculptors and artists, we exclusively focus on their works. We do not pay a lot of attention to the price which is usually determined by exclusivity, and the amount of time and work that were invested in creation of the sculpture. The size does not play such a big role in the price as you would perhaps expect. This is due to the fact that scrap metal is available at relatively low prices and as a result, the amount of material that was used to create the sculpture does not significantly increase its costs like this is the case in sculptures made from traditional materials.

Our offer of scrap metal sculptures consists predominantly of works by the best sculptors and artists, however, we also accept works from talented artists who have not yet established themselves in the world of scrap metal sculpturing. These sculptures are not inferior to the works of the most respected sculptors in any aspect but they are generally slightly less expensive (the price is by the way determined by the artists, not us). So if you do not care about the author of the sculpture but only the sculpture itself, the creations of (yet) unknown artists are without a doubt worth considering.

Metal Sculpture

We are aware of different tastes for aesthetics but we try to meet the taste of as many scrap metal sculpture lovers as possible from contemporary staircases to traditional iron gates. We try to suit clients who like contemporary garden furniture style as well as those who prefer the traditional forms which is why our collection consists of works of various styles and themes as well as sculptures for both indoor and outdoor use.

The digital media made presentation of artists to the public a lot easier but we believe that digital presentation cannot replace live experience because an exceptional artwork never looks as impressive on the picture as it does live. In addition, it is not unusual to be thrilled by a particular sculpture when seeing in on a photo only to discover that it does not look as good when seeing it live. We therefore periodically organize exhibitions to enable our clients to see our newest gains live as well as help sculptors and artists to display their most recent creations in the “traditional“ way.