About Us and Our Scrap Metal Sculpture Collection

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal sculptures are a unique blend of art and history. Like their name suggests, they are made from various scrap metal components each of which has its own character and its own history. But when the artist joins them into a sculpture, he or she gives them a whole new meaning and purpose. Different components of scrap metal sculptures are often left in their original form and as a result, these sculptures reveal exactly from what they are made. If you take a closer look, you will be able to recognize parts of automobiles, old canes, rusty chains, screws and a number of other pieces of discarded metals which are collected from scrapyards. However, scrap metal sculptures can also be polished and painted. In this case, they are impossible to distinguish from metal sculptures made from virgin metals.

Just like other types of sculptures, scrap metal sculptures are works of art but they are not necessarily intended just to be admired but make good gifts. On the contrary, they are often designed to be useful at the same time and can serve as coat hangers, vases, bookends, mirrors and even as pieces of furniture. Now, how many artworks can be used to hang your coat on without fearing to ruin it? And this is exactly what gives scrap metal sculptures an additional value. Unlike other types of sculptures which can be used solely for decorative purposes, scrap metal sculptures can give their owner a practical value at the same time.

Metal Sculpture - Fish

Scrap metal sculptures are not for everyone. We are very proud to work with the finest artists who create sculptures and designs in various different styles, shapes and designs in order to meet the taste of a wider audience, however, most pieces from our collection are bought by open minded people who appreciate contemporary art forms using non-traditional materials. But as mentioned earlier, scrap metal sculptures do not have to have a “worn down“ look nor reveal that they are made from dog food cans for instance. We are aware that not all art collectors like artworks made from scrap metal but we urge all art lovers not to automatically reject the idea of scrap metal sculptures until checking out our offer because many contemporary metal artworks can be beautifully combined with the traditional art forms.

Our offer of scrap metal sculptures is constantly being expanded with new creations by the most recognized artists in the country as well as the emerging ones in order to provide our clients a rich choice of scrap metal artworks for both their homes and gardens. Sculptures which are intended for outdoor use are treated with special protective coatings, so there is no risk of rusting and degradation due to weather exposure. We also regularly organize exhibitions of the most exciting sculptures to help the artists we work with present their works to the public as well as enable the public to keep track of the most recent trends in scrap metal sculpturing and of course, get their hands on the finest pieces.